Month: October 2017

How to pass Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) Exam?

After watching few documentaries on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies like Ethereum and  Litecoin, I wanted to understand and learn more about them. Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) is an exam which checks your knowledge on crypto currencies and blockchain architecture.

You can get the exam details and the objectives from the crypto-currency consortium website ( They are a nonprofit organization which accepts payments only in bitcoin. So if you want to write the exam you will have to pay the exam and certification fee in bitcoin.

I used coinbase ( which is an online exchange where you can buy bitcoin for the exam, but please remember they will charge you for each transaction. Once you have the bitcoin, create an account at the crypto-currency consortium website and register for the exam. They will also provide you the address where you have to transfer the exam fee.

Once the payment is done, you can start the exam any time. its an online exam where you have to answer the questions very fast. Believe me, you don’t have a lot of time to google to find the answers.

More details of the exam and preparation can be found here http://( .

I had taken a course from which was very detailed and informative. Exam was easy after I completed this course do a bit of research on the topics.

Udemy Course:

Good luck!!