Month: January 2017

Disable Hadoop log messages in the console

If you are a beginner to Hadoop/map-reduce ecosystem, you must have seen the messages that are displayed in the console when you run commands. It could be useful for a beginner and sometimes help you to understand the functionality.  But these log outputs are annoying once you are familiarized with the working of the system or you are using a production system.

These messages can be  suppressed using Ambari. I will just list the steps you have to go through to disable them.

  1. Log into Ambari console and go to Mapreduce2 tab in the left side.


2. In the Mapreduce2 page, click on configs tab and then go to advanced.


3. There you can see “Advanced mapred-site” push down list and click on it.


4. Scroll down and then change the value of below two parameters to ‘OFF’


ambari_75. Once done, save the changes and restart the components required.

Now if you login to Hive/Pig Console you don’t see all those INFO messages when running the queries.